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New Member: Author Teagan Rand

Please help me welcome Teagan Rand to the SFR Brigade ranks. She has kindly
stopped by for an interview.

Welcome, Teagan!

Please tell us a little about yourself

Well, I’m middle-aged, which means I’m old enough to have thought up a lot of very spicy fantasies without being too embarrassed by them. I’m also hopelessly fond of good love stories, though perfect happy endings aren’t for me; I want to be left with just enough challenge for the lovers to keep things interesting. I love literature and tend to read widely, both in nonfiction and fiction. The nonfiction helps me with my own writing; my Xhagia series has pieces from the fall of Rome and World War II all wrapped around the central love story.

We’d love to hear more about your books.

I’ve written four novels in a series titled “Slave Harems of Xhagia”. It’s a connected narrative in four parts that details the love between a slaver named Dalgaz Tav and a slave girl named Christine Beringer, set in a galactic empire that’s about to fall about because of political intrigue and religious fanaticism. They’ve both got secrets, and they both have to evolve as characters in order for love to occur, and also to save the world (since it‘s much easier to be in love if the world isn’t blown up). Along the way, a number of secondary characters pop up with some very interesting personalities, like Kerdis, the elite soldier who spouts Xhagian poetry and winds up falling in love with another slave girl. It’s all quite erotic and graphic, and the Xhagians are just alien enough to make sex more interesting, but close enough to human to make them handsome and enthusiastic like a human man can be. I wanted to create a universe with similar sexuality to our own, but one different enough to have differing ideas about it. And I wanted to have a narrative outside the love story to make the setting seem richer. It was fun to write, and has been well-received.

Would you like to share any upcoming projects.

I’m working on another series of novels set in the Xhagia universe, since the original epic was focused on only a small part of the larger picture and there seem to be a lot of other stories that can be told there. I’m also working on a series based on a woman who is dangerously psychic and how she is exiled from Earth for it. Then she meets an alien who… (cough, cough…)

What do you like about writing SFR?

As I said, I’m hopelessly fond of love stories, and I also love good science fiction. With science fiction you can explore things about the human condition, including romance, that you can’t do elsewhere. You can do things with human connections, and with sex, that are simply impossible on Earth, and it can still make sense. This all allows us to explore different sides of ourselves.

What do you find challenging about it?

Unfortunately, a lot of science fiction writers don’t seem comfortable with love stories and certainly not with sex (especially authors who write about politics and war). And a lot of romance writers don’t seem to be comfortable with science fiction, which requires that you spend at least some of the time away from the love story and that you build a new universe where things don’t work the way they work here, but where they can still be recognized. So mixing the two is a challenge, especially if you’re going to make the love story integral to the larger universe. You have to master both genres. It’s a real challenge to pull that off, and I like challenges.

What is your favorite SF book or movie?

I love Babylon 5, since it’s serialized and I seem to gravitate towards serials in my own storytelling. I love the complexity of the universe they’ve created, and how they manage to slip in both love stories and even a little sex (offscreen, of course). I also love the way they use humor. I think there’s a lot of influence from Babylon 5 in my own work.

If you could have a robot that did one chore/task and only one, what would you choose?

Backrubs…really good backrubs.

Hailing from the Midwest, Teagan Rand has only settled slowly into domesticity, following careers in business and teaching with as much time off as possible for travel. Possessing an addiction to literature, I also have a weak spot for popular culture and history. This has led to the accumulation of a large and bulky personal library of books, which now weigh me down like the chains on Marley’s ghost, only these are far more interesting and entertaining.

Book blurbs with links to Amazon:
A Slave Girl for the Emperor (Book 1):

"Why is it we do the things we do?"

Dalgaz Tav is a professional slaver, entrusted for many years now with acquiring the most beautiful young women and training them for the erotic appetites of Taj Rad, the ruler of Xhagia and all the worlds of its wide, interstellar empire. Among Dalgaz's latest captives is Christine Beringer, a young American woman with an ethereal beauty that, if properly cultivated, will be certain to satisfy his imperial majesty's deepest lusts.

And so Christine is subjected to all the manipulation Dalgaz Tav can muster, and all the perverse violations known to his profession, in an effort to transform her into the most wanton of slave girls, making real many of the deep, submissive fantasies she has kept hidden for so long. To her horror she discovers that he has ways, this slaver does, to make her submit, to make her beg, and soon she finds herself hungering for his touch and more, her sense of shame discarded as she is brought into an erotic world of power and desire where her small, lovely body is merely a plaything for those who own her.

But as he trains her, Dalgaz Tav realizes that she is awakening emotions in him that he had never suspected were there, a growing passion and desire for the emperor's new slave girl that he dares not admit could be, and made all the more frightening because he senses that she feels the same for him....

Includes ménage/orgy, questionable consent, and wet, graphic sex and bondage.

Book 1 of 4.

In the Slave Harem (Book 2):

"Earth girl, who is your master?"

More than a year ago, Christine Beringer was abducted from Earth and brought to the world of Xhagia to be trained as a pleasure slave for Taj Rad, the ruler of a vast interstellar empire. Now kept as an erotic plaything in the imperial harem, she serves her masters intimately and well as all around her, intrigues swirl through the court. Only a meaningless slave girl, she also struggles with feelings not for the emperor who possesses her, but for the slaver Dalgaz Tav, the very man who took away her freedom and reduced her to utter subjugation.

Dalgaz Tav knows that the slaves of the harem desire him, for with careful training he made each of them that way: helpless to lust and passion as they pleasure the men of Xhagia. But he also knows that a slaver must remain aloof from the girls he commands, even one so beautiful as Christine, who has awakened something in him that he dares not allow himself to feel.

Yet as the empire comes to face a great crisis, there emerges a secret to the ethereal Christine, one that will change the fate of worlds even as both she and Dalgaz Tav are swept up by events they cannot control, and soon the slaver will have to choose between loyalty to the empire he serves and the unexpected desires of his own heart….

Includes ménage/orgy, questionable consent and wet, graphic sex, language, violence, and bondage.

Book 2 of 4.

Slave of the Brothel (Book 3):

"I am a slave girl, Master."
"And what does a slave girl do?"
"She pleases her master."

As its empire crumbles civil war has come to the world of Xhagia, and in a small town deep in the hills a quiet, naked human girl appears as if from nowhere. Brought to the local slaver Lehnam Eleha, it quickly becomes clear that she has the skills and passion normally found only in the most exquisite of pleasure slaves, and so begins a life of intimate service in Lehnam's brothel, pleasing the men of the town. But there is more to this girl than merely an erotic plaything, and those who enjoy her body do not suspect that she is at the center of a struggle that will decide the fate of their world.

Back in the imperial capital, Dalgaz Tav, the former keeper of the emperor's harem, finds himself a wanted man at the center of intrigues, struggling to make sense of an ancient, terrible mystery. As a mad emperor drives the civilized galaxy deeper into chaos, the salvation of both Xhagia and Earth will come to rest on Dalgaz finding the slave girl he has grown to love and the assassin who killed his close friend and sovereign, even as it becomes more and more clear that the two may be one and the same….

Includes ménage, questionable consent, and wet, graphic sex, violence and bondage.

Book 3 of 4.

Final Surrender (Book 4):

Some bonds hold you forever.

As its empire collapses, civil war has swept over the world of Xhagia, and news reaches the former slaver Dalgaz Tav that Christine, a pleasure slave accused of murdering the emperor Taj Rad, has appeared in the small town of Senakya, and that she is more than merely an Earth girl brought to serve Xhagian lusts with her lovely body. Caught up in the violence of his own crumbling world, Dalgaz struggles with his feelings for her, just as she fights to recover her humanity and faces her own helpless desire for him, the man who once trained her to be the most wanton of slaves.

But there are other evils on Xhagia now, both an ancient monster that threatens to bring on a holocaust of unimaginable horror, and a brilliant madman who is convinced that civilization must be brought to a bloody end if he is to make his own apocalyptic vision real. And so the fate of not only Xhagia but Earth rests on the shoulders of this slave girl and the man who loves her, along with a scholar who carries the last hope for the galaxy. But can they act in time to prevent the deaths of billions? And is love possible in the face of armageddon?

Includes ménage, questionable consent, and wet, graphic sex, violence and bondage.

Book 4 of 4.


  1. Hi, Teagan! Sounds like a great series!!

  2. Welcome, Teagan! Thanks for telling us about your series. It sounds like you've created quite a fascinating universe.

  3. Thank you! I'm having fun revisiting it, too!

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