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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Regarding Assigned Days

Good morning, Brigaders.  I just wanted to clarify that the assigned posting days listed on the sidebar only applies to content posts (articles, personal commentary, writing craft,etc.)  It doesn't apply to anything timely, such as book releases, giveaways, special events or anything to do with Brigade business.  You're free to post those at any time.

But while we're on the subject, would you rather we did away with assigned days altogether?  Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I think the assigned days are fine.

  2. I'm not exactly against the assigned days, but could there be a limit of posts for one day? If my google reader pops up saying I have 10+ unread messages, I tend to skim through the posts. If there are only two or three entries a day, I tend to read them all more in depth. And I really do want to read them all and "meet" other SFRB members - I love this little community!

    Am I the only one who skims when there are a lot of unread posts? If so, then just ignore me. :-)

  3. I also liked the assigned days, but like Brimfire, am having a hard time keeping up - though admittedly I'm always behind on my reading. (Write, write, write.)
    I also am enjoying the community. Thanks for all the work, regular troopers!

  4. I like the assigned days as well. I was just worried about cluttering the atmosphere too often with space junk as well. I do really like that this is a place we can announce news suddenly, though. That is awesome.

  5. Sounds like the votes so far are to keep the assigned days. I think it works well because it gives all members two chances to post content per week--on the assigned day and on weekends.

    As far as the traffic, I think once we have a website in addition to the blog it won't be having to serve so many purposes and the traffic will lessen a bit (though not too much, I hope.) :)

  6. Do we have a read on which days get the highest traffic? I'd been doing my science link post twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, but I could easily drop it to one day and focus on the day with the lower volume. And it's assuming there's any value add at all from the science geek links.

  7. I do like the assigned days as well. But it did seem to me when I was officer on deck that Tuesday had almost too many posts. Maybe it is because we did tags (I think) and blog visits and other things that day as well as I-K. Maybe change some of those standard posts to the weekend?

  8. I like the assigned days, because it acts as a sort of deadline. I know get to post on Thursday and so anticipate doing it. If I could do it every day I might forget to post or put it off.

  9. Ditto, I like the assigned days (AND the geek links, Marcella! :).

    I have a thought/suggestion. Sometimes (often) I get behind on posts, and to go to older posts you have to scroll all the way down to the blog archive at the bottom. Since our content in the sidebar is running a lot longer than the main content area anyway, maybe we could increase the number of posts that show on the main page? Or as an alternative, could do something like provide links to the previous ten posts higher up in the sidebar (though not sure if this is possible).


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